Porcelain Love


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All songs by MISS TITAN

Frederico Severo, Inês Laranjeira, Gualter Barros, Davide Lobão and Sebastião Santos play Porcelain Love.

Additional Saxophone on "Meat & Bones" by Francisco Menezes.

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.Tracks 1-6
Engineered by Hélder Bernardo at O Silo, Portugal and Frederico Severo at St. Patrick's Sq, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mixed by Davide Lobão at O Silo, Portugal.

Mastered at Sage Audio, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

.Track 7
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frederico Severo

.Track 8
Arranged, mixed and mastered by Lu

.Track 9
Live recorded and mixed by Hélder Bernardo

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Artwork based on a lot of stuff.


released November 30, 2014



all rights reserved



A two piece extraordinaire, with three very odd tentacles.

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Track Name: Meat & Bones
Everything has a start
As long as we all do our part
To keep this wasteland alive and safe
And fill the electric void we are

Just keep your mind inside
'cause out there it's no man's land
Oh, your skin can't hide
And your meat and bones will shed

Some days
Feel like a long time
And some ways
Seem meant to be,
But why?

Crack'em bones, crack'em and bones, why?
You feed them dogs, they watch you cry
And so you know what life is like
Yes, we all kneel and taste the skin
Yes, we all know when to begin
To accept this fate, accept this way
We'll take it, and break it and play it our way
Not tomorrow today, not tomorrow today
We become the Man, because they can’t
But the problem is

Everyone has a part
To fill the electric void we are
But these days won't last
As we prey for lust
And kill the electric voice we have
Track Name: All your Enemies
we are here to play
play the waiting game
but it's all over
it's all over anyway
now all I can do is to

stay the night
even if we fight again
just keep your eyes
clear of all your enemies

things that look good on paper
tend to fall apart
but as we whistle it away
and start another day
the sun, the air, the shade
Track Name: Velma Kelly
you were bound and gagged, were you
was it for pleasure, act or fame?
"I guess it's all a part of me now"
Oh well, all doubt remains
"But it's all so good, yes it's all so true."

You were getting out of line
"Down on the kitchen floor the world is mine
'cause it's all so good, yes it's all so true"
When I see it in you
when I'm gazing into

your eyes
they untie me from you

"We're not so different you an I
you do the things you said you would despise."
but it's oh so fun
behind the barrel of a gun
"And I see it in you
as I'm looking into"

your eyes untie me from you
Track Name: 50's
Love is where your home is
Love is where you’re whole
With a 50’s song
And your love alongside you

Home is where all pieces fit
Home is when I’m gone
As I say goodbye
I still wonder why I’m gone

Is it for us?

"But I couldn't tell you
how much I wanted to stay
Thought you said forever
Forever is never enough
With a 50’s song
And a love that never fades away

How can this be for us?
Just a 50's song
But your love is gone
Still remember it all
yes, your love is gone"
Track Name: Ghosts & Goblins
Some say I‘m full blown crazy
Don’t know who they are
But it’s true
Don’t care who they are
‘Cause it’s true

I got a monster in my mind
Too bad it’s not that hard to find
You press the wrong key and we’re all dead
A lot of demons in my head

You have some demons in your head
I got a killer in my bones instead
But the fresh news there are we are all but sad

One bird
Two stones
I find a problem where it’s hard to find
Track Name: Electric Wasteland
So put the soul down on its knees
Go grab the stars, do as you please
We can't complain when we got the
Electric wasteland we call home

It feels the most when we're alone
I see you standing by the phone
Waiting for our death to come